Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Studio

I recently added another room to my studio. It is now an organized and supportive space for making my art. Lately I've been on a creative binge. I'm making a series of dolls exploring the use of stockinette for the doll bodies. They all have wire armatures and you can see them standing around on the various surfaces.

Most of the supplies came from my sister's house. The spool cabinet and the DMC floss drawers were prize possessions of hers. I have given away a lot of the supplies that she bought. As I find my direction as an artist I am able to give away more and more. It's nice to lighten my load and get focused.


BumbleVee said...

looks very organized... easy to find "stuff" when you want it...

Yvette said...

HOw wonderful to be organized!
Someday I hope to get there LOL

Your dolls are wonderful!
I like your Pinsters! :o)

Cindibee said...

I love the studio! And having everything more organized definitely allows for a creative atmosphere. It's so much harder for me when there's clutter everywhere.