Sunday, October 26, 2008

After the Show

I had planned to use photos from the reception for my show as the basis of my next post. But the student photographer who was assigned to cover the event has been slow to deliver. When she finally does I will put them up along with some musings about the event.

In the meanwhile I am getting back to work in my studio. The top photo shows a couple assemblage dolls in the early stages. They are on a workbench in my wood shop. The bottom photo shows a large doll that I am working on for the Fiber Arts Guild exhibit that is rapidly coming up.

I had hoped to have a whole weekend to myself for creative work but that is not to be. My aunt who is like a mother to me is ill and I am going to make some chicken soup and take it to her. She is in her mid eighties and cannot drive any more. She has always made the time for me when I needed her so I will make the time for her. If I miss the Fiber Arts Guild deadline I will just have to wait for the show in the spring.

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Dawn said...

Family devotion comes first.