Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mrs Boyer

Mrs Boyer is the first round robin doll that I have received that I really like. She is going to be the mascot for my doctoral project. I'm looking at how to support frail elderly women maintain their independence with cooking and related activities. I'm particularly interested in the meaning of maintaining independence and safety. I have her sitting on my desk to keep me company as I work my way through the doctoral process.

I've learned that it helps to start the face on these round robin dolls. In this case I sketched in the features with some simple embroidery. Mrs Boyer is named after the mother of a childhood friend who made fabulous raisin cookies. I imagine her as being at that point in life where she does what she wants to do and she doesn't care what other people think.

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Threads of Inspiration said...

Emily, good to have a mascot during the doctoral process. I experienced it through my husband and other friends. Sometimes it isn't pretty. Always, always have some good cookies handy. It will help get you through.