Sunday, June 14, 2009

Doll Makers Medals & Ribbons

After attending the doll makers conference in Columbus, I came home full of excitement and pleasure from the fun, creative experience. When I told the people in my life about the experience, most of them said something like: "Oh, that's nice". I realized that people who don't find meaning from making things don't "get" the excitement of a creative experience such as doll making. I suppose they find their creative sparks in other ways.

I took a class with elinor peace bailey who suggested that I make a decorated doll. After mulling things over I decided to make "decorations" for doll makers and artists. I want to recognize kindred spirits with medals and ribbons. The photo shows my train of thought for designing these medals and ribbons. Once I have developed the designs a bit further I will make name the various ribbons and medals. A short term goal is to develop these small projects into a publishable pattern.


Kat said...


They look almost as good in the picture as they do in real life. I absolutely love the ribbons and medals. They are such a great idea.

As for a publishable pattern, go for it Lady! I would certainly buy one :)

Threads of Inspiration said...

Great idea Emily, go for it!