Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Finally I have the time and technology to pick up blogging again! I finished my doctorate this spring. It is such a relief to be done. Now some of the students call me Dr. Eckel. This will take some getting used to because I prefer to be called Emily. But earning the degree allows me to keep my job and that is a good thing! I just got a faculty review committee recommendation for a new three year contract. The “publish or perish” ax has been kept at bay.

Sadly, my home computer dropped dead shortly after I finished my degree. I am quite sure that the old computer was as tired as I was by the end of the program. It was a wonderful old computer and I am sorry to see its demise. It has taken a while to replace the old computer but I now have a temporary solution. Hopefully the purchase of a Mac Mini will soon be possible and I will be able to return the borrowed hardware.

Another barrier to blogging was a need to rest after the push to get done. As I rested I let my thoughts percolate on the artistic opportunities. Slowly and I do mean slowly, I became active with doll making and Beth Roger’s Lillian Street Studio project. More information about these activities will be in the posts to follow. For now it just feels good to be back to the blog.

The photo is a snap shot of my work table and several works in progress.  I'm so happy to be back to the occupation of artist.  Unfortunately I will have to moderate comments because of the porn spammers.

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