Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doll Making Goals 2011

Last year I wrote what I thought were modest goals. I knew I would be working full time, finishing my doctorate and providing care for an elderly family member. I underestimated the demands of my coursework and did not anticipate my aunt's colon cancer. As a result my "modest" goals turned out to be too ambitious to achieve. Most of them were not met and are incorporated in 2011's goals. It's disappointing to not meet goals.

On the bright side, my aunt is in much better health and I have completed my degree. Finally I have some time to concentrate on my art. So here's my current situation:
  • I am meeting several times a month with my doll making group and we have plans to have an exhibit next fall or spring.
  • I have started a new series of dolls.
  • I have become active with this blog.
  • I've gotten involved with the Lillian St. studio project.
  • I've begun doing a little woodworking.

In summary, 2010 was a challenging year, but it is over and I'm now happily engaged with my art. Here are my measurable goals for next year:
  • Submit 4 pieces of work for publication in magazines
  • Submit work to 2 Pittsburgh juried exhibits
  • Have a gallery exhibit with Chris Fondi and Joyce Compton
  • Attend at least 2 events of local arts organizations
  • Update this blog at least three times a month
  • Publish a simple free pattern online
  • Take professional quality photographs of 8 pieces of work
  • Attend Artistic Figures in Cloth conference
  • Attend or host 10 doll club events

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