Sunday, February 27, 2011

Windblown - Assemblage Cage Doll

This doll caught me by surprise.  I was playing with the idea of a cage doll.  It's built from an antique game board and doll dress that I inherited from family members, bamboo skewers, candles and wood bits.  It has something to do with the danger and the gift of our passions.  Clearly it is a shrine about potential energy, spark and revelation. That is what surprised me.  I wasn't thinking about making a shrine or fire.  I was thinking about how cages and fences keep things in or out.  This doll will probably have one more round of revision before it's finished.  I need to figure out what is contained in the cage.  And I would like to know more about who this doll is.

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Anonymous said...

Em, She photographed beautifully! Faboo work!