Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lillian Street Studio Construction Update

With the break in the weather there is a lot happening.  Most of this post will be captioned photos.  The post below Leafkicker has also been updated with a progress photo.
First a little evidence that our project is street legal.

This is my post & beam bracket with appliques and cutouts.  I just just had to play with the facade colors. 
On the reverse the cutouts and appliques are different.
Beth Rogers opted to construct a bird as a post and beam bracket.  I'm looking forward to the bird getting a paint job!
This is a before shot at the top of the stairs to the drawing & rest loft.
This is an after shot of the same.  I had a lot of fun making this and I love the energy of the design.
Looking up the stairway.  Beth Rogers is making sure my fun design is sturdy!
The stairs in the studio are narrow and a bit steep.  Because we are concerned about constructing a studio that will be enabling as we age, we are putting a lot of thought into making balancing handholds on the stairs.  The stairs are just too narrow for bilateral hand rails.  The alternative is a series of cutouts and shapes in the walls.

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