Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday at AFIC

Everyone is having a great time.  It's wonderful to get away from the everyday and hang out with a community of doll makers.  The internet service at the hotel is poor so most of the (many) photos must wait until I return home.  Here are a few of the highlights.
Nancy Forsythe, Judy Skeel and Tracey ? at work in susie McMahon's class.
Classes are going well.  Rooms are organized to encourage camaraderie and communication.  My excellent instructor is Susie McMahon from Tasmania.  She teaches the technique and then lets the students apply it as they wish.  The class is a good fit for me.  Feedback from the other classes is good. 
Mimi Weiner the auctioneer.
The live auction of donated dolls to benefit the scholarship fund went well.  It probably raised several thousand dollars.  Mimi Weiner was a ham of an auctioneer.  We were all entertained!  Notice the Treasures of the Gypsies shop in the background.  It was mobbed with shoppers.
Doll Street Dreamers online doll club has a terrific exhibit of steam punk inspired dolls.
Joyce Compton won second place in the challenge to make a doll without a doll stand.  There are two categories.  Original design and pattern interpretation.  Joyce won for this original design of a felted Wild Hare.  I'll post a full list of winners tomorrow.  My Leafkicker doll won second place in the original design division.

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