Friday, May 6, 2011

More AFIC Doll Photos

First some of the dolls that won ribbons.  If you can identify any of these artists please send me their names.
3rd place pattern interpretation.
Denise Dodd's pattern interpretation "Blu" wins the Blue
Leslie Wright won the People's Choice award with her doll "Gwen Ellyn"
This is my ribbon.  2nd place original design.  I never did wash Leaf Kicker's feet.
Some of the other dolls from the exhibit hall.
Cyndy Seiving
Cecily by Joyce Compton
Chris Fondi's Wish Doctors
Some dolls in progress from the classes.
"Coming Out of Her Shell" by Tracey Baldwin. 
A beautiful sculpt

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Judy Skeel said...

Tracey Baldwin did coming out of her shell at AFIC.