Thursday, June 2, 2011

Studio Construction Update

Computer problems have prevented me from posting.  A computer smart friend got my computer working last night and by morning the problems had returned.  So today I'm posting from my work computer.  Hopefully the nasty virus and the space hogging extraneous programs can be banished so I won't throw the computer in the river (just kidding).  Work on my Etsy shop has also been impacted.  I'm making lots of buttons but haven't gotten them into the store.  One way or the other these problems will get resolved. 

Work on the Lillian Street Studio is progressing nicely.  On the main level tools are getting set up.  Beth Rogers and Rip Phipps are discussing the intricacies of the radial arm saw in the photo above.

Elaine Fuller is standing on one of the sturdy work benches we built to paint the drywall.

One of the two skylights is installed and it is NOT leaking.   This is very good!

 The upper loft is ready for paint.

I'm excited about the progress on the studio.  The first project that I am going to make is a new couch for my living room.   I'm inspired by the folks at Squint.

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