Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Camp 2011

I spent last week in the company of old friends.  Counting babies we had over 100 people camping near or staying in the lodge at Plantain Pond over the course of the week.  Many things happened including a beautiful celebration of Sue Levering's life that included floating candles on the lake.  The purpose of this blog is to share the adventures of my creative muse, this post will be limited to that.
Several of us made table clothes out of Sue Levering's fabric stash.  This photo is the one I made.  I brought it home to finish with some embroidery and trim. It meant a lot to me to work with Sue's materials.  We will use the table clothes each year for special occasions.  It's a way to keep Sue with us.
Another lovely experience was a collaborative painting project.  This is the painting that I did with my friend Willy.  It found a home through a silent auction.  . 
On the silly side, I made my old friend Rip a Grand Pooh Bah hat to wear to the Karl Marx amateur hour and costume party.  Here he is in full costume.
I wanted to dress as lady porcupine and started to embroider a hat to wear to the costume party but ran out of time.  I wore my tea cozy instead. 
I believe it made a suitable fashion statement!
Finally, I enjoyed doing a little landscape photography.  I was fascinated by the effect of photographing a foggy scene at night with a flash.

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