Sunday, November 13, 2011

Handmade Arcade & Craft Booth Design

The Handmade Arcade was held at the David Lawrence Convention Center yesterday.  This craft fair used to be held at the Construction Junction but it has grown and become better organized.  The new venue was roomy enough to handle the steady crowds that came to see the 140 creative local vendors.  I was there to represent the Steel Town Etsy team.  It was fun to work the Etsy table, interact with the crowd  and get to know some of the artisans.  I especially enjoyed working with the other volunteers at the Etsy table. 

I did a walk about and took a few photos of venders' booths.  I was looking at the craft booth designs with a critical eye to get ideas for our table at the Indie Knit and Spin craft fair next week.  Joyce Compton and I have a week to finish the preparations for our first vending adventure. 
A cheerful vendor with a well organized space, great use of color.

L shaped display, good lighting and creative use of old windows.

The fencing on the left is a compact vertical display wall.

Check out the banner and spotlights shining on the merchandise.
The best booths create a sense of space and have a distinct atmosphere that is part of the artist's brand.  They also make use of vertical space to have displays at eye level. 

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