Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looking Back at 2011

2011 was, like most years, a challenging but rewarding year.  There were meaningful art making experiences but there were also life events that tested my ability to cope.  As I look back I appreciate family and friends as well as the privilege in my life.  

Last year I wrote some art related goals.  Let's see how I did.
  • Submit 4 pieces of work for publication in magazines
    • Chris Fondi, Joyce Compton and I submitted paper dolls to an Art Doll Quarterly competition.  We know the package was received by the magazine but we never heard anything nor did we get our dolls back.
    • I submitted a plushie to Stuffed magazine.  They politely rejected my entry and returned the figure.
    • I made a Momiji doll for a British competition held by Selvedge magazine.  My entry was published on their website but not in the magazine.  The doll itself was lost in shipping back to the US.  
    • I found publication success when I submitted an article about the Stockinette dolls to Art Doll Quarterly.  It took all year to process but I just received the magazine and the article looks good.
  • Submit work to 2 Pittsburgh juried exhibits
    • I submitted photos to a Fiberarts guild exhibit instead of taking the work to the jury.  I did this because the jury was held when I couldn't attend.  The work was not accepted.
    • This goal wasn't met.  Local events are more demanding than internet and publications in terms of being at specific places at specific times.  
  • Have a gallery exhibit with Chris Fondi and Joyce Compton
    • This did not happen.  We are working on developing our portfolios and locating a venue.  It is still a goal.
  • Attend at least 2 events of local arts organizations
    • Fiberarts guild show
    • Fiberarts International
    • Ellsworth Ave gallery shows
    • First Friday down town 
    • Worked at the Etsy table at the Hand Made Arcade
  • Update this blog at least three times a month
    • This goal was met for most of the year.  Near the end of 2011 life got demanding and I took a break.  This is the first post after the hiatus.  My goggle rank is much improved and I have 59 followers.  
  • Publish a simple free pattern online
    • Goal met at the AFIC doll makers conference.  
  • Take professional quality photographs of 8 pieces of work
    • Doree Baumgard and Tom Henkel both photographed my work.  I'm now working on learning more about taking professional quality photos of my work.  
  • Attend Artistic Figures in Cloth conference
    • I attended and won a second place ribbon in the original doll design with my Leafkicker.  His feet and legs are made from axes.
  • Attend or host 10 doll club events
    • This goal was met.  We get together most Tuesday evenings and all day one Saturday a month.  We are no longer calling ourselves a "club" and now use the term "collective" because it is more accurate.
In addition:
I spent time working at the Lillian St wood shop and I've begun regaining my old woodworking skills.  I have to thank Beth Rogers for the opportunity.

I opened and maintained an Etsy shop to sell hand crafted buttons.  This is an effort to develop a supplemental income stream in preparation for retirement.  There has been a steady trickle of sales.

In summary I feel OK about what I got done last year.  I also worked full time and I had significant caregiving responsibilities for an elderly family member.  The best thing that I have done to get myself art time was to hire a cleaning lady.  I do not have to spend precious weekend time on that!

I participated in a fiberarts supply crafts fair.

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