Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Johnson Antonio

This post is part of an occasional series about artists who don't have much presence on the internet.  Johnson Antonio is a Navajo artist (born 1931) who began carving figures after he retired from working on the railroad around 1980.  He calls his carvings "dolls" and they depict real people.  They aren't traditional Navajo carvings.  He uses found materials and watercolor paints.  He lives in a remote area of New Mexico with his family.  He is apparently well known to collectors of naive folk art carving.  He does not have a web site.  His work is available for purchase from several sites.  I encountered his work and the above photo while virtually visiting the Smithsonian Institute.  


Karen M said...

These are amazing, Emily. So much character in them. Isn't it great to be able to "visit" the Smithsonian this way?

Modern Sculptures said...

What a blast! Besides having a great grasp of perspective, what a great…grasp of perspective…such artists have to pour so much heart into something so ephemeral.