Friday, February 22, 2008

Rainey's Ruin

I don't understand why my sister Rainey did what she did in her life. Why did she stop paying her bills to buy art supplies? Why did she buy more than she could ever use? Why did she stay in her house after the utilities were turned off? These bad decisions ruined her health and she never got to use the things she bought. Everything about her story is sad.

The article in Art Doll Quarterly romanticized what it was like to inherit her stuff. The picture shows what it was really like....

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Megan said...

Hi Emily

Give yourself permission to get rid of the things your sister left behind if you don't want them. Do it in as positive a way as you are able - e.g. Goodwill, charity bins, art supplies to local schools or girl guide groups. But don't hang on to them if you don't want to - other people's possessions can be a huge emotional burden.

Looking forward to you posting more dolls.