Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doll Making Goals 2009


Attend the Artistic Figures in Cloth conference

Participate in a round robin doll exchange

Host the monthly meetings of Yinz dolls n’at

Have professional photographs taken of more of my dolls

Post monthly in this blog

My doll making goals for 2009 are basic because I have started my doctoral program in occupational therapy. It is a 16 month program.  I love occupational therapy and am interested in the material that I am studying.  But I don’t expect to have much time for leisure activities.  I am committed to staying connected to doll making and my doll making friends through these goals. 


1 comment:

aliaslynne said...

Good Goals. Bon Voyage on Doc Program. Miss you. Wish I were near enough for Yinz Dolls n'at.
Doing fine here...