Monday, March 9, 2009

Old Gram Winter

Ruth did a great job photographing Grammy.  It's hard to get the detail on a monochrome doll. Gram's personality shines through on this one.  Gram is dressed in old lace, her face is done with a trapunto technique and her hair is Tibetan lamb's wool.  She has an aluminum armature and can be reposed, even her hands and fingers.  

We took the photographs on a photo stage that I recently built in my studio.  It's the first use of the stage since the electrician was here to wire it for me.  We played a lot with the lighting and in the end we used Ott lights bounced off the stage walls to get this effect.  The drape is a large piece of felt.

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Dolores said...

Hi there. Nice job on displaying your Grammy doll. A whole photo stage just for your dolls? I'm impressed! BTW, how tall is she and how big is your stage?