Friday, December 10, 2010

Artistic Figures in Cloth challenge doll

These dolls were inspired by a challenge for this springs AFIC conference.  The dolls must stand but not use a traditional doll stand.  The base must not be larger than 8" x 8", there are no other size limitations.    "Doll" is loosely defined but it must contain at least at least 50% cloth.  I'm not sure that I meet that requirement with these. Whether or not these go to AFIC, I'm having fun and enjoying combining assemblage techniques with cloth doll making.

The doll above has hair made from braided cotton.  The neck is made from O-rings, the collar from feathers.  The base contains a copper pot scrubber, vintage lamp parts and stuff from my stash.  

This doll is earlier in its development and will probably look quite different when finished.
I'm looking for a few more vintage lamps to take apart.  I want to explore this idea by making a few more busts.

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