Thursday, December 9, 2010

Work in progress

This doll is 32" high and she is top heavy.  Despite big feet she doesn't stand well.  I needed a doll stand that doesn't look like a doll stand.  I made her a scooter.  It works well and adds another level of fun to the project.  At this time the scooter just has a coat of primer.  It will probably be painted in shades of blue green and red orange.   

These photos are studio shots of Lillian on her scooter.  She has an aluminum wire armature, a stockinette skin and she is stuffed with poly fill.  Her head is made from craft velour with fancy fiber hair, her clothing is crocheted.  She has been in the works for a year and a half.  The shoes will be yellow spandex.  
Taking the time to wire each finger makes makes it possible to pose the hands.  The idea of using a scooter for a doll stand wouldn't work without that detail.  She has to be able to hold on to the scooter for it to support her.

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Anonymous said...

Lillian looks like she's having fun on her scooter, can't wait to see it finished!