Friday, December 24, 2010

Exploring Cage Dolls

I've been thinking about cage dolls ever since I saw the description of Leslie Molen's doll making class at the upcoming Artistic Figures in Cloth conference.  Her doll is lovely and it references the Portugese and Spanish tradition of the Santos doll.  The image of a cage doll seems archetypal.  Perhaps it's a symbol of the things we keep within ourselves.
This cage doll is a work in progress.  It is made from an old game board filled with unlit candles.  The cage is made from bamboo skewers.  The dress is an antique doll dress that I inherited from someone in the family.  It's possible that my mother or sister made it. I'm still thinking about how to make the torso.  The theme that is evolving for this doll is perhaps repressed desires or living a life without inner fire/passion.  It would go up in a blaze if anyone actually put a match to it.  The edge of danger is intriguing to me.  These components have been sitting around my studio for years.  When I got the concept it came together quickly.

This cage doll is also in process.  I wanted to think about different approaches to making a cage.  This has a drum like quality to it.  The interior will be developed into an elaborate six pointed compass rose.  The torso of the doll is made from an armature wire and yarn basket technique.  The armature wire makes the curly parts of the collar.  The hat is just a lamp part.  The theme of this doll is something about exploration.

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