Friday, December 17, 2010

An old drawing goes to auction

Several times lately I have encountered pieces of my art in the community.  Most recently, I became aware of a drawing that I did in the late 70s going to auction.  I hadn't seen this drawing for thirty years when I saw it on the internet. The instant I looked at it I remembered the experience of doing the drawing.  I don't know what happened in the auction, but I was able to get a jpeg of the drawing while it was up for bid.  I'm grateful for that.  This is a fun experience!
I did very little to document my work in the early years.  Some silk screen posters that I did in the mid 70s were auctioned at a benefit concert recently.  The experience of finding old work circulating in the community is validating.  I'm going to collect images of my old work whenever I have the opportunity.  I'll post images and stories when I have them.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting it must be to have this happen out of the blue! I already knew that you rock though!!