Sunday, December 5, 2010

Assemblage Art Boxes

I've been working on assemblage boxes.  People have been giving me cigar boxes and I have lots of stuff to use up.  Its a good fit.  There are about ten boxes in the series so far.  This one has a Buddha head in a bird's nest with an assemblage of watch/clock parts below.  It has a meditative feel to it. Nice and quiet.

The second box contains a compact that has been converted into a biological clock.  The face is one of my cover buttons and the arrow on the clock is an old arrowhead.  The emerging theme in these boxes is choosing how we spend our time.  And how we each connect with archetypal images.

This last box looks further back in time to events that happened before I was born.  The telegram was sent by my father to my mother during WWII.  "You are more than ever in my thoughts at this time.  All well and safe.  Fondest greetings".  He was courting her in 1943.  Below the telegram is a Reischmark from the twenties when Germany experienced insane inflation.  I suppose this box is about how events from the big sweep of history connect with our personal histories. 

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