Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doll Quilt

For several years I've been making, collecting and trading pin dolls and artists' trading cards.  They are now part of an evolving doll quilt.  The quilt base was made by a friend from things found in my sister's hoard, so even that is meaningful.  The quilt is full of memories of people and good times.  I love having it in my home.
Lately I've begun inviting friends to add things to the quilt.  The beaded face doll below is by Chris Fondi.  I'll post updates when I add major items such as Chris' doll to the quilt.
The top of the quilt has larger dolls and reminds me of a costume party or a "hats & heels" banquet.  
Currently I'm participating in a fabric postcard swap with other members of Doll Street.  Those cards will become part of the quilt.  I'm looking forward to their arrival next month.
Some of my awards and medals are sprinkled into the mix.  The doll quilt is fun to make and to have. 

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Indy Cloth Dollmakers said...

What a wonderful idea - a beautiful, safe place of honor for all those tinies that delight us! It's definitely an idea I want to borrow -- thanks for posting it.
Andrea B.