Monday, March 28, 2011

Studio Construction

This sequence of photos shows the construction of the studio kitchenette.  The first photo is the most current.  This sequence of photos moves backwards through time to the "before" photo.  Think of it as a blog post time machine.  The work in these photos took place over several weeks. 

All the kitchenette needs now is a little more paint and the services of an electrician.  The microwave, refrigerator and electric kettle are ready to set up when we have power.  The water source is in the next room which is the only room that has heat in the winter.  Frozen water pipes are not part of the plan!  The hot water heater heats water on demand and does not keep a big tank of water hot at all times.  This is a great energy saving device.

Beth Rogers and I built this structure.  Elaine Fuller applied the water vapor barrier to the foundation and painted it all. 
The unpainted wood on the face of the structure is a recycled 2x4 from the interior walls that we removed.  This photo is by Beth Rogers, all the others are mine. 
The back and floor were painted before the counter and shelves were added so that the work could be done with good ergonomics.  We are all women over the age of fifty so we have to do everything carefully. 
Plywood walls are partially completed and the framework for the counter is in place.  Notice the mortises in the recycled front rail.  This is a beautiful piece of rough cut lumber with carefully cut mortises.  I'm glad we found a place to showcase this bit of the building's construction history.
The vapor barrier is applied and the framing is in place.
This is the before photo of the raw foundation under the stairs. 

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