Monday, April 4, 2011

Designing a Logo

In the process of setting up my Etsy shop I decided that I need a signature logo to brand my products.  I have a general sense of what I want the logo to look like and express.  I want it to indicate innovative design, good craftsmanship and my love of color.  After a couple weeks of trying to create a logo with my limited ability to use graphic arts programs I gave up in frustration.  I know I could learn one of these programs with a time investment.  But right now I am focusing on improving my photography skills and have limited time.

Given all this, I decided to hire some help.  I found Ariel Tyndell who is graphic design student with an Etsy design shop.  She posted this ad:

I can design a clean and professional quality custom logo for your shop or business. I will draw up 3-5 concept logos and edit the concept of your choosing until you are satisfied with the design. Since I am a student and have much more to learn I am very open to constructive criticism!

If you are interested and ready to purchase from me, purchase a listing and I will send you a short questionnaire to help me get a sense of what you need. Make sure you include your email address in the memo. I will then create 3-5 ideas for you to choose from and once you choose the concept you like we will collaborate to get the best design. Once the logo is perfect I will send it to you in EPS, PDF, JPG and PNG formats.  

I hired her and I am enjoying the process.  I sent back her questionnaire and after several days she sent me her first draft of several logo concepts.  I really like her work and have thoughts about how to proceed.  But I'm also interested in what you think.  Which of these logo concepts best represents me and my work?  Do you have any suggestions for design improvements?  Please answer these questions with a comment.  Your comment won't show right away.  (I have to moderate comments because someone leaves pornographic statements and links. YUK!) 


Mary Ann said...

Of the six I am drawn to number five visually but I'm not sure about the colours. My second choice is number two.

beth said...

I like #2 and #3. Leaning a little more towards #3. I agree with mary ann though about the colors. They are a little tame for you.

Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

I like number 5 (I left a comment at Doll Street too) but I have been looking again and agree with Mary Ann that 5 is really nice.

BUT I would work on changing the colours. if you are a bright colour person then you must go with brights to be true to yourself. You want something simple, distinctive and that you know you can live with for a long time. If your business takes off people will look for your logo!


Natalie said...

Hi Emily!
I like 4 & 5 best. #4 looks whimsical and I like that your name is capitalized. #5 looks sophisticated and eye-catching.
Hope this helps you out... xoxox

Karen Mallory said...

I like number three but maybe more colors. It is very playful looking.
hugs Karen

Colleen said...

I like 2.

flyingbeader said...

I really like number 5. The others are too busy. You want something simple & would look good even in black & white. This is distinct & I believe a real eye catcher.

chris fondi said...

wow doc you never do things halfassed. was that pornographic?
i think 5 is it, but the colors are all wrong. colors work better in 3. 1 intriques me, i like the progression of hue. but the colors are dead wrong. see you soon.

Edwina Sutherland said...

I like several of them, but don't feel they convey what you do. An Etsy banner needs to give some sense of the shop.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I like #2 the best. It's long and on the same line so that it'd make great labels, banners or hangtags. Plus if you decided that your color story needed to change that would be easy to do. I personally like green and violet but do you want to add a third color to the mix? Are these colors the ones that most represent your art? Do you also want to include a warm color as well as these cool ones?

Just a couple thoughts. Good luck!

Judi W. said...

I like #2 but here's a suggestion .. why not scan some of the batik fabrics that you use and have those be the fill patterns for some of the graphic elements. Like the buttons in your Etsy store. Or draw something in watercolor if you're not sure about using the fabric. I think the colors don't say enough about you. Have you thought about giving a name to your business besides your own name? Something catchy and fun like your work?

Kate said...

Emily, I am partial to 2 as it seems to show a progression, much like one has in exploring art and where one falls into place with it. The last bubble of a different color signifies an arrival to me.

Anonymous said...

Your logo should reflect who or what you are - I like the last one because of the handmade quality to it and I would also use the logo 'e' in your name. Perhaps a richer colour too (just a little deeper). This logo would also look great in black and white and I think would be very flexible!
The rest have a lovely clean feel if a little 'computerised' quality (if you know what I mean LOL)

Jay aka redroaddesign