Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting Ready for a Doll Makers Conference

On Thursday Joyce Compton & I are driving to Columbus, Ohio to attend the Artistic Figures in Cloth conference.  It's a well organized opportunity to spend time with kindred spirits.  Chris Fondi was going to go with us but she will be staying home to greet a new grandson.

Cyndy Sieving is the driving force behind this biennial event.

I'm taking a class with Susie McMahon, who is an excellent doll maker from Tasmania. I chose her class because it is primarily an open studio.  These days I'm not interested in making dolls from patterns.  Susie will be teaching a sculpting technique using paper clay. That will be fun.

Susie asked us to come to class with a concept of what we want to make. My concept is to make this old tool box into a small wall hung cabinet. 
This metal chest was made by my great, great grandfather George Eckel.  He emigrated from Alsace in 1832. 
She asked us to do some sketches.  I rarely do this for dolls, but did this time.  It will be interesting to see if the finished product resembles the sketches.
2 sketches of my "concept".
There is also a doll making challenge at this conference.  The challenge is to make a free standing doll that is at least 50% cloth.  The only dimensional restriction is that the base must fit in an 8"X8" square.  Leafkicker's almost done and I had time to take a few photos today.  I like the personality that emerged!  He doesn't need a doll stand because he has heavy feet. 
The ax heads give him a very low center of gravity.

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Anonymous said...

"Kicker" is a hoot! Congrats on his 2nd place ribbon. Job well done!