Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lillian St. Studio Construction Update

Beth Rogers has been busy making great progress with the Lillian Street woodworking studio.  The third floor rest and drawing loft is developing personality and a better connection to the second floor. It has a very nice quality of light because of the windows and skylight.
Before photo of the loft.
After photo. 
In the after photo the knee wall has been removed along with the flooring beyond.  A second skylight is planned for the section of roof beyond the knee wall.  This will allow light and air to circulate between the floors. In the photo below you are looking up to the open floor beyond the knee wall in the loft.
The green bead and board wall extends into the loft and is the hand rail on the stairs. 

We have electricity and heat!!!
This photo may not look like much but it is an important one.  There is now a rational and safe installation of wiring for lights, equipment and heating.  It is so nice to not be tripping over extension cords.  The building inspector has signed off on the work.
Running hot and cold water.
Down in the lowest level the plumbing is fully functional.  Beth built a counter around the sink.  Hot water is generated as needed by an energy saving  heater. This is the only room that is heated when no one is working in the studio.  This room is also where we will store paint, glue and anything else that shouldn't freeze.

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