Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lillian Street Woodshop Studio Progress

Last week 2 Men & a Truck moved a lot of machinery and good lumber into the shop.  Today Beth Rogers, Elaine Fuller, Chris Fondi & I worked on getting the place functional.
 The first thing we did was put all the machines on locking casters so we can reposition them as we need them.
 Beth got the old drill press running, hung a cabinet on the wall behind for bits and jigs and started hanging hand tools.
I spent most of the day building a router table and a tool battery recharging station.
Chris Fondi began construction of a trellis of recycled materials on the back porch.  Hopefully a vine will grow there and block the hot afternoon sun.   She added 5 stones for good luck.
Elaine spent the day painting in the lower level.  For the first time it was organized enough and clean enough that we were able to eat there.  After many, many months we are very close to being able to work on projects in the new studio.


Judy Skeel said...

Yahooee!!! Looking spetacular gals! Can't wait to see what all comes out of this space and your minds!

chris fondi said...

great pics, em. and it was a gas. thanks for letting me play too.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your progress and the more pics the merrier! - Robin (through Sonya's Facebook)