Thursday, July 21, 2011

Button Making

Anytime I need to sit (riding the Megabus) or want to sit (after work) I do some sort of hand work.  Lately I've been working on learning more about making buttons with centuries old European techniques.  I'm not trying to make reproduction buttons.  I'm exploring the old ways with the resources I have immediately available to me.
I find myself working in series that either explore the use of color or variations of technique.
In this series I'm working a color scheme with needle weaving and crocheting. 

These two photos show Dorset Wheel buttons in color and pattern variations.
This is my first successful star shirtwaist button.  I'm happy to have finally figured out how to make these!
This is an example of a lace shirtwaist button.  It was also a challenge to make.
As I practice and gain experience I expect these buttons will be easier to make and I will be able to get on with playing with color.  It is a lot of fun to figure all of this out.  After learning how complex these buttons can be, I have gained a great deal of respect for all the old button makers who made buttons for a living.  Over the next week I will be adding these and other buttons to my Etsy shop.

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Anonymous said...

Have you written a book on how to make these super buttons? If not, why not?! And if not, where can I learn how to make them?

Sue Byrne