Thursday, September 1, 2011

Branding and Packaging my Buttons

My current task is to work on how I package my buttons.
The theme that runs through my Etsy button shop is that I take old things and make them new.  I'm using old button making techniques in new ways.  I recycle old buttons by dying them. Etc.  I want to design some packaging for my buttons that reflects that theme.

Historically buttons have been sold on cards.  This is a card from the 1920s.  It looks to me like the card designer did the 1920s version of cut and paste.  I think the message is that these buttons are well made and fancy.
I'm not sure when the two cards below were produced.  Perhaps in the fifties?  The message conveyed is that using these buttons will enhance the user's gender role.  The roles portrayed are so extreme that they seem like caricatures to me.  It amuses me that on the man's card the designer has thoughtfully given us specific instructions on where to sew the buttons.     
Contemporary button card designs tend to be simple.  Often they just have the manufacturers logo.  I want to do more than that.  I want my cards to have a lot of personality.  Here is the current version of a card for my buttons.  I like the retro feel of the design and the pattern of how the buttons are arranged on the card.  Its an affordable to make button card.  The design is going to evolve.  I'm thinking of adding historical information about button making on the back and maybe some imagery.  I am also looking for a reasonably priced source of recycled card stock. 


Elizabeth said...

I like the simple clean design. Great job so far!

Karen M said...

I love old button cards, and needle packages, too. The graphics are always so much fun. But, with all the different types of buttons that you are creating, a simple look for the cards may be the way to go. I like the way you arranged the red buttons on the card.

sara elizabeth said...

Wow! You did a great work! I Like it! BTW, if you have etsy coupon you can share your coupon at

Theresa said...

I really love the old cards, but think that yours is great also. It pops because of the lovely red color and also the unique design.

Can you please tell me where to find an inexpensive source for iron on doll faces? Thanks!!
Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

Sher said...

Those old cards are cute. I do like the top one better. The bottom cards are too busy. I agree with Elizabeth, I like the simple and clean look.

Anonymous said...

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amhash said...

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