Monday, September 26, 2011

Button Display Boxes and Button Cards

This past weekend I worked at the Lillian St wood shop to make display boxes that will be part of my craft fair display and storage inventory system.  While I was there I also made some wood buttons.  The storage boxes are made mostly from recycled wood that has been languishing in my stash.  The side bars of the boxes are fun.  They are old rulers and paint stir sticks.  After taking the boxes home and filling them with button cards I realized that the boxes need to have a second bar lower on the side to prevent the button cards from falling out.  I'll do that next weekend. 
I also designed some button cards for my recycled and hand dyed buttons.  In the two cards on the ends of the photo I used images from vintage button cards.  I'm trying to express the idea of making old things new through creative reuse.  So my appropriation of these images to illustrate the button cards is in this spirit.  If you look carefully at these two cards you can see that the illustrator was suggesting uses for the buttons.  I took this thought and designed the card in the middle.  By sewing the buttons onto images of paper flowers I'm suggesting to scrapbook artists that they can use my buttons in their art.  I won't know until the Indie Knit and Spin craft fair if these cards are effective selling tools.

I like making the button cards because the process is making me learn how to do things with my software. 


Mary Ann Tate said...

I like your button cards...very unique idea:)

ConnieLou said...

Great use for paint stirrers! Brilliant.

Emily Eckel said...

Thanks ladies!