Friday, July 22, 2011

A Discovery During Studio Construction

While working on the walls of the lower level of the Lillian Street Studio Beth Rogers and I made an exciting discovery.  We found some old casework and drawers that had been walled over!  We had been working on the studio renovation for a year and a half and somehow hadn't noticed that there was unaccounted for space under the upper cabinets.  You can see the area in the far right of the photo below. 
Look to the far right where tools and lumber are propped in the corner.
 We took a prybar to the area and found this.  
The framing is still in place but you can see the drawers and casework that had been closed off for years.
We then noticed that there was space above the upper cabinets so we opened that up and removed the cabinet doors.  It was a very exciting find!  The mystery is why it had been walled off.
In this photo the drawers have been temporarily removed to let everything air out.
Other things are happening at the studio as well.  
Ceiling lights have been hung

Drywall is up and primed on the main work level.

Wev'e begun framing work benches.

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flyingbeader said...

Secret places! Yes it makes you wonder why it was walled up. Maybe the person wanted to have more of a finished look instead of all the shelve spaces giving it a more kitchen look, but for a studio...perfect!